Vice President Craig Wheaton opened the meeting with a patriotic song led by Lion Dee Baughman.  Bob Line performed the invocation and Lion Allen Ventling led the flag salute.

Visalia historian Terry Ommin was a guest at the meeting.

Allen Ventling won the no-fine badge.


Vice President Craig reported that the Club’s Executive Board had approved the use of credit cards for meals and dues beginning week.

Secretary Steve Gerrard passed around a volunteer sign-up sheet for the Christmas Parade.

Happy Bucks

Lion Brent Robinson shared that his wife had repelled down eight stories recently to raise money for CASA.  He was also happy the stock market hit an all-time high.

Ed Jones shared that he and his wife Lion Carol have purchased a home in Prescott, Arizona, and will be moving there early next year.

Lion Pat Harrison shared that his daughter’s dog is OK after a recent illness.

Motorcycle rider Roy Dressel has been happy with our recent weather.

Lion Dee Baughman will be playing golf Monday, after receiving permission from his Cardiologist. 

Allen Ventling had a good trip to Vegas with his sons.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse was happy her husband is doing well.  She was also glad to see Lion Justin back at Club.

Steve Gerrard took his grandson to visit Adventure Park and the Visalia Cemetery.

Lion Craig Wheaton donated five happy bucks for the return of his gavel.


Lion Dee Baughman fined Lions Tom Link and Justin Levy for arriving late.

Pat Harrison fined Lion Vicki Whitehouse for not sharing that her daughter has a great new job.

Secret Greeter Pete Sherwood fined several Club members for not shaking his hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Dee Baughman won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club.  Brent Robinson won the free ad. Lion Pat Harrison won the Lotto tickets. Lion Pete Sherwood won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble. 


Visalia Historian Terry Ommin provided an update on efforts to commemorate Fort Visalia, which is the site of Visalia’s first settlement.