The November 5th meeting began with a song led by Lion Bob Line.  Brad Board led the Pledge of Allegiance and Pete Sherwood performed the invocation.

President Aaron Odell passed around a sign-up sheet for the December 17th Christmas meeting.  

Lion Brent Robinson made a donation in lieu of providing an auction item from his recent travels.

Craig Wheaton won the highly coveted no-fine badge.

Happy Bucks

Lion Pat Harrison breezed through his recent Drivers License renewal at the DMV.

Lion Bob Line is recovering after a fall outside a downtown coffee shop.

Pete Sherwood spent two nights in Monterey.  He was also happy Lion Bob was alright after his fall and donated 20 happy bucks.

Roy Dressel donated a happy buck after winning the Lotto tickets at last week’s meeting.

Tom Gaebe’s granddaughter was named most valuable runner on the El Diamante Cross Country team.

Lion Allen Ventling’s son Travis received a Top Secret Security clearance.

Brent Robinson completed his first week of working with his wife.

Brad Board made a donation in honor of the retirement of baseball’s Buster Posey.

Pat Harrison’s grandson hit an inside-the-park home run.

Craig Wheaton won $2,500 at his other club.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse’s husband is doing well. She also enjoyed the cookie that Lion Betty Odell brought back from Arizona.

Steve Gerrard was happy to be driving again after his recent surgery.


Craig Wheaton fined Bob Line for adding to the crowd Kaweah Delta’s overwhelmed emergency room after his recent fall.

Karen McVaigh fined Allen Ventling for failing to make it to a recent Lions Club visitation.

Secret greeter Vicki Whitehouse fined several scofflaws for failing to shake her hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Steve Gerrard won the five dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation.  Bob Line won the free ad.  Karen McVaigh won the Lotto tickets.

Words of wisdom from Lion Bob Line — When you’re over 85, watch your step!


Outdoorsman Craig Wheaton described his recent 24 mile rim-to-rim  hike across the Grand Canyon.  He hiked down into the canyon from the South Rim, passing down through the scenic layers of colored rock.  He then took a side-trip to Ribbon Falls, and hiked back up the North Rim in the same day.  The following day, he and his group of enthusiasts took a five-hour hike in a Utah slot canyon.