Club President Karen McVaigh opened the meeting by asking Lion Bob Line to lead his fellow Lions in song. Lion Leigh Mosconi led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Pete Sherwood led his fellow Club members in prayer.

Lion Tony Loliva won the “no-fine” badge for the meeting.

David Pruitt was a guest of Lion Pete Sherwood the meeting.


President Karen shared that the next meeting of the Club’s Executive Board will be on November 14th at 5:30PM at Left of Center.

Treasurer Steve Gerrard announced that volunteers will meet at the corner of Liberty and Main on November 26th to help with the annual Candy Cane Lane Parade.

Lion Janet McClintock attended a recent District meeting and shared that the Lions MD4 Convention will be held February 8-10, 2019 in Sacramento, and that the MD4 candidate for International Director will be selected at the convention.


Lion Leigh Mosconi auctioned off a jar of salted caramel sauce from his recent visit to the Central Coast.  Lion Dee Baughman bought the caramel for a donation of seven dollars.

Happy Bucks

Lion Ed Jones was happy that: the election is over; the anniversary of the founding on the USMC is this weekend; Sunday is veterans day; Monday is a Holiday; and that he and Lion Carol will be spending this weekend in Morro bay.

Lion Pete Sherwood shared that the new food pantry at Visalia Emergency Aid will open soon. The Host Lions Club had provided a large donation to help make the new pantry possible.

Lion Jeff Meader was happy to be back at Club and donated five happy bucks.

Dodgers fan Roy Dressel donated one happy buck for each 2018 Dodgers World Series game.

Patriot Dee Baughman was happy to be living in a country with free elections.

Lions Aaron and Betty Odell will be going to Hawaii.

Lion Tom Link was happy to be going to the Central Coast for the weekend and that the Fresno State Bulldogs will be playing tonight.  Lion Tom also shared that 210 Connect will be having a forum on fake news on Monday.

Lion Leigh Mosconi’s Granddaughter will be married this weekend.

After years of driving company vehicles, recently retired Lion Carol Jones got a new car.

Lion Brad Board shared that his daughter will be in Boise for the Fresno State

Game tonight. In light of the recent fires in Northern California, he also advised members to take pictures of their belongings.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse is happy that her husband continues to do well, and that the election is over.


Lion Tom Link was fined for arriving late.

Secret greeter Aaron Odell fined Lion Jeff Meader for not shaking his hand prior to the meeting as required.

Lion Jeff also fined himself for having to leave early.


Lion Betty Odell won five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation.  Lion Karen McVaigh won the free ad. Lion Tom Link won the lottery tickets.  Lion Pete Sherwood won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the coveted white marble.


Lion Pete Sherwood and guest David Pruitt shared pictures of their summer backpacking trek through Mineral King. Pete and David spent five days roughing it in the High Sierras last August. They traveled over Franklin Pass past several high mountain lakes, and back across Sawtooth Pass, taking a top of side-trip to the top of sawtooth peak. The also brought samples of some of the modern backpacking equipment they carried.