President Ruth McKee opened the October 18th meeting with a patriotic song led by Lion Pat Harrison. George Fry performed the invocation and Melinda Blankenship led the flag salute. 

Adam Peck of the Workforce Investment Board was a guest at the meeting.

President Ruth won the no-fine badge.


Lion Allen Ventling shared that, before the meeting, Club members performed vision testing on over 96 kids at Valley Life Charter School.


Lion Tom Link, who routinely brings back auction items from his travels, donated five happy bucks in lieu of bringing back an auction item from a recent trip.

Happy Bucks

Lion George Fry was feeling better. He said he felt like he had two new legs and could dance the Rumba.

Tom Link is on his way to San Diego for four days.

Lion Roy Dressel will be bicycling the river trail in Sacramento.

Lion Carol Jones had a great trip to Texas.

Craig Wheaton, Steve Gerrard and Melinda Blankenship donated happy bucks after working the Annual Band Review.  Lion Melinda also thanked Pete Sherwood for tickets to a Visalia Emergency Aid fundraiser, where Lion Tom Link was honored.

Lion Pat Harrison’s nephew is running for the County Board of Supervisors.

Lion Craig Wheaton thanked Melinda for arranging a speaker for him.  Lion Melinda shared that the speaker, John Leal, was telling others about his visit to our club on a conference call.

President Ruth was, once again, happy it was Friday.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse donated happy bucks for her husband and for the success of the Band Review.


Dodgers fans Roy Dressel and Ed Jones paid their annual Dodgers fan playoff tax.

Lion Vicki shared that Kaweah Delta Golf Tournament Photos in a recent Lifestyle Magazine were credited to Lion Roy Dressel.


Ed Jones won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the Lions Eye Foundation. Rick McVaigh won the free ad. Lion Carol Jones won the Lotto tickets. Tony Loliva won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to find the elusive white marble.


Adam Peck of the Workforce Investment Board presented his analysis of recent news stories indicating that Visalia has extremely low levels of educational attainment. Mr. Peck’s analysis showed that, while the data behind the news stories is essentially correct for the Visalia, Tulare, Porterville Metropolitan Statistical Area, it does not accurately portray the educational achievements of students educated in our school system. Over the past several decades, a large number of less educated adults have moved to Tulare County, having been attracted by the area’s lower cost of living and the availability of jobs that do not require higher levels of education. Data specific to students educated in Visalia show that, despite the challenges that our schools and many of our students face, our educational attainment is on par with that of other areas of the country.