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Lion President Carol lead out meeting today with Lion Bob Line leading us in singing god less America. Our flag salute was led by Lion Tom Link, and Lion Pete lead us in the invocation.

No fine badge was won by Lion Bob Line

Lion President Carol lead our meeting today.

Lion President Carol lead our meeting today.


The date for this years officers Installation dinner has been changed  to Friday June 13. It will once again be  at the Vintage Press this year.  Look for your  Invitation in the mail.

Lion President Carol announced that the next board meeting will be May 20th at 11:45 at the Clubhouse Deli.

Next Friday, May 9ths  luncheon will be at our regular Club House location and will  the Melvin Jones award luncheon.  Get there early as signs up’s have already been brisk.

Birthdays this month, just one person is  Lion Dr. Craig Wheaton. We all sang happy birthday just to him.

Lion Jamil announces that he and Lion Ruth will be hosting  a social at his house on May 10. They will be having the tri tip from the Chili Run. Sign up for salads desserts.


Lion Chris brought home  two small bats that from a recent trip to  Dodger Stadium. Both went for $12, one to Lion Roy and one to Lion Ed.  Lion Eric, a well know Giants fan bid up one of the bats just to mess with us Dodger Fans.

Rick McVeigh,  was given his Lions pin today and is now Lion Rick McVeigh. He is Lion Karen’s husband so the list of husband and wife members is growing.  He has been retired for about six weeks.

Rick Became Lion Rick at today's meeting.

Rick Became Lion Rick at today’s meeting.

Happy Bucks.

Lion Chris was happy because  last week got to go see the dodgers play, and win. It was his sons 8th birthday.

Lion Tom Link was $5 happy that Hurley school, where his daughter teaches and his wife volunteers, is the only school in Tulare county that got the  distinguished school award.

Lion Jamil was happy that we have a new lion member.

Lion Ed was happy because on Sunday he was going on the Happy Hearts motorcycle ride, raising money for Children’s hospital Central California.

Lion Dee was happy that the Giant are in first place,

Lion Eric was happy that he can be called a creep by lion Bob and still feel good about it.

Lion Bob Line was happy because his son in law, Pete, who had picked up two sets of tickets by accident as he came into the club today,  put back one set.  Bob thought that his good character had rubbed off on Pete after all these years, even with Pete being a lawyer.

Lion Pete was happy because the Oakland As  and the Golden State Warriors are doing good.

Lion Carol was happy she is going to Cayucos  for the convention, and happy because today is Friday.


Lion Jamil fined Lion Dee because he was delaying the lunch line.

Lion Craig had to fine himself because he was in charge of getting a program for today and  forgot. So he got the job of being the program.

Secret Greeter

Lion Chris: Only Lion Tom Link did not shake his hand.


$5. New guy Lion Rick.. Under pressure from the club, He gave the money to the lions eye.

Lion Craig became our speaker today.

Lion Craig became our speaker today.

Lion Pete drew for the lucky marble this week but came up with a blue one and thus no winner.

Lion Pete drew for the lucky marble this week but came up with a blue one and thus no winner.

Lotto tickets. Lion Daryl.

Marble drawing. Lion Pete  No pick correct marble, no win nothing.

Lion Craig became our program today because he forgot to get the program. He covered the state of Visalia Unified, going over some of the programs that were new, and one that was cutting edge in education.

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