Club President Rebecca Juarez opened the meeting by asking Dee Baughman to lead his fellow Lions in a patriotic song. Lion Daryl Farnsworth led the Pledge of Allegiance and Lion Bob Line performed the invocation.

Special guests: Five members of the Porterville Lions Club visited the meeting. 


Club Secretary Steve Gerrard read the list of candidates for 2017/18 Club Officers.

Roy Dressel                 President

Chris Baldwin             First Vice President

Ruth McKee               Second Vice President

Karen McVaigh           Third Vice President

Rebecca Juarez           Immediate Past President

Jeannie Burcham         Treasurer

Steve Gerrard             Secretary

Vicki Whitehouse       Tail Twister

Tony Loliva                 Lion Tamer

Melinda Blankenship   Head greeter

Walt Juarez                 2 Year Director

Janet McClintock         2 Year Director

Rick McVaigh             1 Year Director

Eric Frost                     1 Year Director

Pete Sherwood             Past Presidents

Brad Board                 Past President    

Lion Allen Ventling announced that Lions would be doing children’s vision screening at the Centennial Picnic on April 8th at Mooney’s Grove Park, at a Family Health Care event on April 27th in Ivanhoe, and at Sunnyside School for Cinco de Mayo.

Happy Bucks

Lion Dee Baughman will be leaving Monday for a cruise to Ensenada. Lion Dee also shared that he had a good round of golf with a birdie on a par three.

Lion Roy was happy that nobody was injured when a tree fell.

Lion Pete Sherwood’s son-in-law Ryan received a promotion at the Tulare County District Attorney’s Office.

President Rebecca had a great trip to the City of Hope for Lions Appreciation Day.

Lion Allen Ventling shared that he had a great time at Pelican Hill Resort and that the bought a new set of irons.

Lion Roy Dressel is looking forward to Dodger’s baseball on Monday.

Lion Bob Line shared that his Granddaughter Caitie Meader opened the Freedom House for Family Services of Tulare County.

Lion Melinda Blankenship shared that she and Janet McClintock had a nice time at the City of Hope, and that her shoulder is feeling better now after her surgery.

Lion Eric Frost attended the District student speakers contest.


Lion Brad Board fined himself for being late for the meeting.

Lion Dee fined Lion Glenn Mar for reportedly crowding in line. Lion Dee also fined Lion Bob Bricker and Lion Tamer Tony Loliva, joking that Bob only had a hundred dollar bill to pay for lunch and it took them 15 minutes to figure out the correct change.

Lion Jeannie fined everyone for letting guests sit by themselves at the back table.

Secret Greeter Dee Baughman fined six Lions for not shaking his hand prior to the meeting as required.


Lion Allen Ventling won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Lion Betty won the free ad. Lion Roy Dressel won the scratcher lottery tickets. Lion Pete Sherwood won a shot at the marble drawing but failed to draw the white marble.


Guest speaker Mike Betterton described his time with the U.S. Air Force and CIA in the 1950s.


Upcoming Events

Chicago International Convention June 30