Vice President Roy Dressel opened the meeting by asking Lion Dee Baughman to lead his fellow Lions in song. Ray Dressel led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Lion Pete Sherwood performed the invocation.

Lion Janet McClintock won the “No-fine” badge.

Guests for the meeting included Ray Dressel, son of Vice President Roy Dressel; Kaweah Delta Board member John Hipskind M.D., a guest of Lion Dee Baughman; and Sharon Allison Crook of Amvets.


Lion Brad Board reminded Lions that the Lions Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held in two weeks, and passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteers. More golfers, sponsors and raffle prizes are still needed. Lion Vicki Whitehouse shared that at another Club, each member is asked to donate a gift basket as a raffle prize.

Lion Tom Gaebe reminded Lions that the Lions High School Band Review and Field Show will be held on October 15th at the Mineral King Bowl.


Lion Tom Link auctioned off a box of gourmet chocolates from his recent trip down the Mississippi River. After a fierce bidding war with Lion Melinda Blankenship, Lion Ruth McKee bought the chocolates for a donation of $15.

Happy Bucks

Lion Tom link reported that he had a great trip down the Mississippi River on the American Queen. Lion Tom, who was recently inducted into the College of Sequoias Hall of Fame, is also running for reelection on the Tulare County School Board unopposed.

Lion Tony Loliva, back at Club after working the walnut harvest, donated twenty happy bucks, and thanked those that helped cover his Club duties during his absence.

Lion Ruth McKee donated five happy dollars, noting that, once again, it’s Friday!

Lion Pete Sherwood donated five happy bucks -- After 11 weeks of remodeling, his kitchen can be used again, He was also happy for Dodgers fans after their NLDS win over the Washington Nationals.

Dodgers fan Roy donated eight happy bucks, in light of their NLDS win.

Lion Dee Baughman is rooting for his second favorite baseball team (whoever is playing the Dodgers) which, in this case, is the Chicago Cubs.

In an attempt to needle Lion Dee, who is a Broncos fan, Lion Daryl Farnsworth noted that the Oakland Raiders are in first place in their division and the Denver Broncos are in second.

Lion Vicki Whitehouse donated five happy bucks and shared the story of how she recovered the Lion Melinda’s missing Lion of the year Lion.


Lion Chris Baldwin fined Lion Daryl Farnsworth for an “unnecessary” reminder to take off his Dodger’s cap prior to the Pledge of Allegiance. Giants fan Lion Brad fined Lion Chris for ignoring him as he reminded the dodgers fan that “pride goes before the fall.”

Lion Dee fined Niners fan Lion Daryl for his team starting a “deplorable” quarterback.

Vice President Roy fined himself for sleeping in and missing the recent Executive Board meeting.

Secret Greeter Brad Board, a very popular guy, was unable to fine anyone for not shaking his hand prior to the meeting.


Lion Tom Gaebe won the five-dollar raffle and donated the proceeds to the La Sierra Leo Club. Guest John Hipskind won the lottery tickets. Lion Steve Gerrard won the free advertisement. Lion Melinda Blankenship won a shot at the marble drawing, but failed to draw the white marble.


Sharon Allison Crook, Director of Marketing and Programs for the Tulare-based Amvets, described the services they provide to veterans and others in the community. In addition to helping veterans get the government benefits they have earned, Amvets also help needy veterans with food, housing, job placement assistance.

Upcoming Events

Annual Band Review and Field Show                                          October 15

New Members Night in Laton                                                       October 20

Charity Golf Tournament                                                               October 28

District 4a-2 Meeting in Strathmore                                         November 5