President Brad led the meeting and asked Dee to lead us in the invocation, Justin led us in saluting the flag and asked Bob Line in leading us in singing My Country Tis of Thee.

Janet won the no fine badge.


Don’t forget the Band review this coming Saturday. This year times will be a little different because of the fact it will be the largest review ever, with 39 bands. Those helping make hamburgers will start at 10:30 and if your helping with program handouts that will begin at 9:30

Brad read a wonderful thank you note from Habitat for Humanity for the work done by several of our members in cleaning up a house recently. 

Carol announced that She had been to the open house for Visalia  Emergence Aid  Thursday night, and our club was noted on a plaque honoring us.

Dee announced that the Eye screening at Palo Verde School in Tulare went well, and he and Roy screened 42 children. 

Janet noted that our location at the Band Review was in the sun and could be  hot,  so dress accordingly. 

Brad noted that our club would have a visitation from the  Visalia Pride Lions, 

Melinda has our Lions Shirts and will sort them out and have them at the meeting Friday.

Auction items. Chris auctioned off a Clayton  Kershaw pin that was purchased by Roy for $8

Happy Bucks

Bob Line was happy he had new great granddaughter,

Ruth was happy it was  Friday and happy that her friend Danny is here today.

Janet was happy that she had a  wonderful weekend at the coast last weekend

Carol was happy that  Ed has been working getting his mom in a nursing home.

Glen had a happy  $10 because he didn’t bring anything back from his trip to  Catalina.

Daryl was happy that today is his birthday.

Jamil was happy he was back at the club as he had been out for a few weeks. He had been working on the largest filing in the history of Tulare County, 84 gang members indicted.

Melinda had a  thank you for all the work Jamil does in helping put bad guys away.

Dee was grateful that God created chickens.

Kent and Roy were happy the  Dodgers are in the playoffs.

Pedro had a happy $5 for being back, has not been around for some time.



President Brad noted that the gavel has been stollen, and  Janet has been singled out.

Roy fined himself for not being at club next week because he was photographing a rival clubs golf tournament. 

Dee fined Roy because he had trouble with names at the eye screening.

Daryl finded  Roy because when he came in the back door a fly followed him in, Dee was heard to say that flys follow Dodger fans. 

Glen was our secret greeter.

Drawings …….


$5. Roy donated it to the Leo club.

Marble. $80… Brad, did not draw the white one.

Our Program 

Dr. Sarah Ramirez,  of Food Link of Tulare County, was our guest speaker today. She has just completed her first year as its executive director.  She explained that what they do is collect the food from USDA, packing houses or where ever it comes from, they store it, freeze it, refrigerated it then distribute the food to other organizations. That food is designed as an emergency supply and is not to carry them for the whole month. In this area, it supplies a vital need to low-income families throughout Tulare County