President Craig lead our meeting today, just one more for him during his term.

Lion Allen giving a happy buck for the installation dinner Thursday night. 

See a little write-up and photos from the June 17th installation dinner at the bottom of this page.

President Craig lead our meeting today and asked Lion Past to sing our song, America the Beautiful. Lion Betty lead us in saluting our flag and Lion Dee t=did the invocation.

We had three guests today, friends of Lion Betty, Shay Elliott, and Elaine Diaz, plus our program today, April Skye.


Lion Dee announced that former Host Lion and city councilman Phil Cox passed away from Cancer. No information was given as to services. We will keep you informed for any of you who may want to attend.

Happy Bucks 

Our guest, Shay Elliott had the first happy buck, she wished all the dads had a great Father day.

Lion Tom had a happy buck for last night’s installation dinner at the Vintage Press. A good time was had by all.

Lion Pet was happy for the Giants who hit a grand slam and won the game.

Lion Jeff had five happy dollars, he was just happy to be back after a few weeks of not being at our club meetings.

Lion Dee was also happy for last night’s installation dinner.

Lion Allen and Lion Roy had happy bucks for last night’s dinner. After not having an installation dinner last year, it was good to get back to the things we did before COVID.

Lion President Craig added $10 for the installation dinner last night, no doubt because his term as the Zoom President was almost over.

Lion Jeff was happy for the Taco Bell story Lion Dee began last night’s dinner program with. (you had to be there)


Lion Dee fined Lion Allen because he was a very picky eater last night, sending back his stack not once but twice before he was happy with it.

Lion president Craig fined Lion Allen for embracing him in front of his date last night, saying something about the “hidden” girlfriend.

Lion Betty fined Lion Allen also, because of all the changes he was making to the way his steak was cooked at last night’s installation dinner, Lion Arron was the last to eat.

Lion Allen fined Lion Tony for telling our guest, and program today, April, that there was a $5 entry fee to today’s lunch.

Auction Items 

Lion Tony had $20 because he went to Colorado to visit his wife’s family and did not bring back anything.

Lion President Craig went back to the Washington DC area to visit his family and also did not bring back anything, so he chipped in $10.

Winners and Losers

Lion Roy won the $5 drawing and donated it to the Leo club. (second week in a row for your roar editor to win the $5)

Lion Steve won the Lotto drawing, we’ll wait and see if he won the big bucks.

Today’s Program

April Skye, with many accomplishments under her hat, like radio DJ and firearms instructor. Her talk today was on gun safety, going over some basic rules for handling firearms and how homeowners can get in trouble if they use that weapon unless they are in imanent danger. 

April Skye, talking about basic gun safty. 

Lion Pete, with several happy bucks. 

Our guest, and program today, April won the marble drawing and came up empty. 

Lion Dee won the Free Add this week.

Thursday Nights Installation Dinner 

After missing last year’s installation dinner because of COVID, we were back t the Vintage Press for the installation of officers on Thursday evening June 17. Our outgoing president, Lion Creag Wheaton talked a little about the year that has just past, and how his goal, as he came into office last year, was to simply keep the club together and functioning, and with his tech skills and use of Zoom he did that job well. I think I speak for all the club in thanking him for the job you did during this past year.

Lion Dee was our emcee and Lion Bob Line did the installation formalities, talking about the history of our club and what it has done for the community over the last 95 years. Our incoming president, Lion Aaron Odell spoke about what his goals were, the main one being membership. He asked each one of us to bring in just one new member in the coming year. If we do that, he said, we will be well on our way to being a thriving club.

A few photos from the installation dinner at the Vintage Press on Thursday June 17, 2021