Iris from Visalia Emergency Aid Council.

Mary Jane, also from VEAC talking giving our program today. 

President Craig counting down the last few meetings of his tenure. 

President Craig began the meeting today by calling on Lion Pat to sing My Country Tis of Thee, Lion Bob Bricker to lead us in saluting the flag to do the invocation, Lion Dee.

Guests today were our program, Iris and Mary Jane from the Visalia Emergency Aid Council.


Lion Steve began the meeting by giving the third and final reading of the slate of officers and board members for the 2021-22 year. Lion Aaron won the presidency with a unanimous vote. No recounts here.

Mark your calendars for our Installation dinner, Thursday, June 17th at the Vintage Press. If you have not done so already, contact Vicki at 559-799-5828 and let her know how many will be there. 5:00-6:00: happy hour, dinner at 6:00. 

June Birthdays

After going through a series of birthdays that were in July, Lion Craig, blaming the mix-up on Lion Steve, finally got it right and we sang happy birthday to Lion Dee, who was the only one in attendance with a birthday in June. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Aaron was happy because three of the greatest tennis players in history were playing in the French Open.

Lion Dee was happy that the Giants had won four out of five games against the Dodgers and were in first place.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his team beat Lion Tom Links team in golf this morning.

Lion Allen was happy that stock for AMC theaters had “shot to the moon” and he had gained enough money to pay for his “stupid” flood insurance. His son had won considerably more with that same stock.

Lion Vicki was happy her husband was doing landscaping this morning.  Mention was made of fertilizer being used.  She was also happy that Iris and Mary Jane were with us today.

Lion Pat had $10, asking for a clarification of the fertilizer, and suggested it was 10 minutes from cow to lawn. Could this be a new business venture?

Lion Karen was happy she was going to Laughlin for a few days. Hoping to cool off no dought.

Lion Craig was $10 happy he was able to see his daughter and son-in-law this past week and that was the reason he was not in attendance last week.

Lion Karen was happy for Aaron stepping in and leading the meeting last week. We gained over $90 in fines and happy bucks with him as our leader.


Lion Dee fined Lion Pat for the fertilizer joke.

Lion Vicki fined Lion Allen for profanity in the lunch line. She did not elaborate.

Secret Greeter

Lion Vicki, who shared with all of us that Lions Steve, Pat, Tony, and Bob Line had not shaken her hand. (or fist bumped)

Winners and Losers

Our guest speaker today, Mary Jane won the $5 and donated it back to the club.

Lion Roy won the Lotto drawing again this week (two weeks in a row)  and let it be said that I owe nothing to the club once again.

Marble: Lion Betty, who did not win. So she won but didn’t win.

2021-2022 Slate of Officers and Directors

It’s official fokes
President    Aaron Odell
1st VP   Jeff Meader
2nd VP   Tony Loliva
IPP   Craig Wheaton
Secretary   Steve Gerrard
Treasurer   Karen McVaigh
Directors (2 yrs)   Roy Dressel
                               Betty Odell
Directors (1 yr)   Lauri Aguilar
                              Brent Robinson
Past Pres. Dir.   Brad Board
Head Tail Twister   Vicki Whitehouse
Head Lion Tamer   Pat Harrison
Head Greeter   Melinda Blankenship
Membership Chair   Aaron Odell
Note:  Open spot for Past Pres. Dir.

Lion Vicki won the Free Add this week and this is getting better.