Happy new year fireworks

Todays Meeting

Lion President Melinda led our first meeting of 2024 on her first day of retirement from  Kaweah Health, after working for them for forty years to the day. On her first meeting, she called on Dee to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing My country this of thee, and Lion Aaron to do the invocation.

No fine badge went to Lion Steve.


Wednesday, January 10th: Board Meeting at Valhalas on Main Street, 7 AM.

Birthdays this month are Lions Tom Link, Roy, Justin, and Allen.

Lion Betty

Lion Betty auctions off a box of fudge.

Lion tom

Lion Tom auctions off his bag of salt water taffy. 

Lion Melinda leades her first meeting

Lion Melinda leades her first meeting

Auction Items

Lion Tom Link had been to the coast and brought back a bag of Salt Water Taffee that he auctioned off to Lion Melinda for $11, and she promptly gave it to Lion Karen for her grandson, who loved it.

Lion Betty had been to Avila Beach and had some fudge sold to someone else for some money. (sorry, didn’t make notes, I was busy bidding on the fudge)

Happy Bucks 

Lion Betty had a happy buck for being here after some health issues.

Lion Roy had $10 because he had been to Vegas and failed to bring back anything to auction off; he was also happy to see both Lions Aaron and Betty with us today and that he made it back from Vegas ok after having to wait on I-15 for an hour and a half because someone RV burned to the ground. He was also happy Kelly Link  had offered to speak at today’s meeting at the last minute and that she being here today had caused her dad to be on time for today’s meeting.

Lion Pete was happy that Washington State was in the college football championship Game on Monday against Michigan because back in 1952, his mom graduated from Washington State.

Lion Allen was happy to see Lions Aaron and Betty back at the club.

Lion Brad was also Happy to see Lions Aaron and Betty with us today, happy that Melinda had retired and that the days of the bullpen presidents were over. He was also happy that the 49ers were doing well this season, and he noted that he ran into Lion Craig recently and he hopes to be back at club soon.

Lion Steve was happy his son made it back from Texas after a very long series of flights.

Lion Tom Link was $5, happy:  he had recently spent six days in Moro Bay, his daughter Kelly was our speaker today, Lion Melinda was now president, and Lions Aaron and Betty were back with us and he was going to the Vintage Press for his birthday that evening.


Lion Karen fined herself for having to leave early

Lion Allen fined Lion Roy because he had his name tag on his vest upside down. 

Kelly Link

Kelly Link, from our clubs adopeted school, Huston elementary was our speaker today.

Kelly Link talking to the club

Kelly Link talked to the club about the challenges and progress at Huston School. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Mark who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Mark

The marble drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

washington huskies

Lion Mark won the free add (and just about everything else today) and says go Washington Huskies 

As always, we are looking for speakers for the club. Use this schuduler app to book your speaker or send them the link to this page and have them do it themsilves. No need to contact me when you want to know if a date is available, if it open on this app, it’s available. (Lion Roy)