Visalia Host Lions Meeting for 2-10-23

Joel Glick and clients from The Creative Center in Visalia give our program today. 

Todays Meeting

With Lion President Tony presiding, Lion Pat led us in the pledge, Lion Bob Line led us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Pete the invocation. 

Lion Jamil won the no-fine badge today. 

Lion Roy was the secret greater and could only fine Bob and Bob, Lions Bob Line and Bob Bricker, for not shaking my hand. I will need to go back and take the online “making money as the secret greater” course again. 

Todays Program

Today’s guests were also our program; Joel Glick, along with clients Lura, Cortney, Chris, and Wyatt from The Creative Center were our program today. They took the stage early because they had to return early. The center has been in Visalia for 46 years, offering Adult daycare for people with disabilities. They have just recently purchased the property they have been at from the city, and along with that comes responsibilities like making sure the building conforms to ADA standards.  Joel had each of the four clients, Laura, Courtney, Chris, and Wyatt, talk about the center and how it helps them. It was a great program; we all enjoyed having them at the club today.

The Creative Center will have the Rock-N-Roll Brewfest fundraiser on April 15th from 11 AM-4 PM at 410 Race Ave. Visalia. Tickets are $50 each, and each ticket gets a beer. 


Lion Dee announced that the Leo Club at La Sierra academy is having its organizational meeting on Thursday, March 2, at noon at the school (1735 E Houston Ave). Anyone who would like to attend is welcome. 

Lion Pete announced that we have at least one student for the speaker contest that will be held at our monthly evening meeting on February 22 at Quail Park Shannon Ranch. Look for the email Lion Lauri sent out with info about dinner that evening and to RSVP. (they need to know a headcount) 

We discussed having a Murder Mystery Dinner at our board meeting last Wednesday, and at today’s meeting, we asked for a show of hands as to those who would be willing to help with that project. Enough people were interested that it appears that we will be doing one this year, but the info from the Mariott giving details as to costs was not completed. More investigation needs to be done before we get a firm date and give them a deposit. We shall keep you informed.

Lion Steve announced that next week we would have a visitation from the Porterville Breakfast Lions, and also, our speaker will be well know Visalia Historian Terry Ommen. He has spoken at our club many times over the years and is always a good program.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Roy had $5 happy Dollars that Lion Dennis had to give him at the board meeting on Wednesday night because he could be at the board meeting, and it ended early, so he did not have to leave the meeting early.

Lion Roy was happy that he and his wife were going to Laughlin next week.

Lion Jamil had a happy buck for today’s “wonderful program” from the Creative Center.

Lion Allen had a happy buck because Lions Jamil, Colin, and Tom Gaebe were here today.

Lion Tom Link was happy that Joel from the Creative center was here today, he has known him for many years, and he was also happy that he got four pars in his morning golf game.

Lion Bob Line was also happy that Joel was with us today; he has also known him for years and even recommended him for the Creative Center Job.

Lion Pete had a happy buck because his father-in-law, Lion Bob Line, seemingly knew half of everyone in Visalia, and by marrying his wife, Norma Kay, he now knows the other half.


Lion Dee fined Lion President Tony for getting Lions Tom and Pete mixed up.

Lion Allen fined Lion Dee for not supporting fellow Lions because Dee is always needling Allen about not winning the Lotto every week.

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Bob Line for using marijuana, something to do with a cream Bob is putting on his foot. Lion Bob claimed it was a “derivative” of cannabis. (that’s what I told my mom when I was in college, Bob, it’s a derivative mom, really it is) 

Lion Roy fined himself because he was not going to be at next week’s meeting, and will sadly miss Terry Ommen’s talk. 

Lion Karen with a future Lions member.

Lion Karen introduceing her granddaughter to Lions at an early age.

Lion Pete with a happy buck.

     Lion Pete with his happy buck.


The $5 drawing went to Lion Colin, who donated it to the eye foundation.

Lotto ticket: Lion Bob Line

The marble drawing went to LionRoy, who picked a green marble and went home empty-handed. 


Lion Colin won the free ad.