Lion rich with his $50 happy bucks.

Lion Rick with his $50 happy bucks, one for each week he has missed coming to club meetings in the last year. 

Lion Pete gives our speaker. her check for $100t

Lion Pete, who organized the speech contest with Lion Bard, awards our speaker, Eira Rodriquez, with a check for $100

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our monthly evening meeting at Quail Park Shannon Ranch. He called on Lion Rick to lead us in the pledge, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Aaron to do the invocation.

Roar editor Lion Roy was our secret great today and was able to avoid a few members and garner some dollars for the club.


We had several guests today; Johnathan Ward was with us from the Pride club; our speaker, Eira Rodriquez, her dad Jose and her teacher Susan. Also, with us, Dave Pruit and Nancy Loliva, who were judging our speaker today.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pete was $2 happy for Judges Dave Pruit and Nancy Loliva

Lion Rick was with us today, and as he noted, it had been a year since he had been able to attend a regular meeting, so he gave $50 happy dollars.

Lion Pat also had $50 happy bucks for Rick being able to attend.

Lion Johnathan from the pride club was happy to see the speaker today.

Lion Brad was happy to be the timer today.

Lion Roy was happy to see the speaker today and was able to relate to her move from the east coast to California when he was young. 

Lion President Tony was $6 happy today, one dollar for each one of our guests.

Lion Pat had a thank you buck for Lion Karen helping out and taking money, as he was a little late getting to the meeting tonight.

Lion Roy had a thank you buck for Lion Betty taking notes for the Roar at last week’s meeting.



Lion Roy fined Lion Bob Line for making a crack about still working at growing up. It reminds me of the license plate on my wife’s car, “growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”


Our speaker today

Eira Rodriquez, the Student Speaker contest winner.

Lion Lauri draws for the white marble

Lion Lauri draws for the white marble. 

Our program tonight was our annual Lions student speaker contest. We had only one participant, Eira Rodriquez, from El Diamonte High School. The topic was social media, and she gave a well-thought-out speech about the pros and cons of social in today’s world. Does it bring people together and push them apart? She was keenly aware of how it has helped her keep in touch with family and friends because she had moved to Visalia from the east coast a few years ago, and being on social media platforms allowed her to keep up with what was going on in her hometown. But she also talked about how social media has divided us:  people will say things on those platforms that they would never say face to face.

Being the only contestant, she won the contest and received a check for $100. She will now go on to the district level; we wish her luck.


$5, Lion President Tony’s wife Nancy won and donated it to the Leo club. 

Lotto: Lion Rick: We’ll see if he won back that $50 happy buck. 

Marble: Lion Lauri won the ability to draw, and she came close; it was a whitish marble, but not the winner. 


Lions Leo logo

Lion Jon Ward won the 
free add today and wanted to say 

Visalia Leo’s, we serve our community.