Visalia Host Lions Meeting 5-12-23

Kaweah Health CEP Gary Herbst talks to the club today

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led the meeting today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Pete for the flag salute, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

Lion Dee won the no-fine badge this week and was the secret greater today: He was so popular as everyone shook his hand.


Lion Craig did the first reading of the slate of officers for the 2023-2024 club year. Two more readings will take place before the members can be approved.

Lion Karen had an announcement from Lion Lauri about the upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner on September 16th. We need gift cards of $25 or more. We also need gift baskets and donations of auction gifts, and don’t forget about sponsorships.

Auction Items 

Lion Dee had been to Utah to visit family and brought back a box of Milk chocolate orange Sticks purchased by Lion Pat, who passed them around. They were excellent.

Lion Karen had been to Disney World but brought nothing to auction, so she donated $20.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pat was happy that the 68th Woodlake Rodeo would be taking place this coming weekend. The Woodlake Lions Club has hosted the radio for years.

Lion Dee was happy to have spent time with Family in Utah.

Lion Brad was happy that he would be having a new grandson come this December,  his tenth.

Lion Pete was happy to have spent last week in Crawford, TX at a wedding, and no, he did not see W. He was also happy his grandson was on the all-star team and they won one game, but lost and did not go on.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy his granddaughter would be at a track and field meet.

Lion Craig was happy that he recently helped close down China Peak Ski Resort and now its hiking season.



Lion Roy fined Lion Pete for not being at last week’s meeting, where Roy could have told a fun story from Pete’s daughter’s wedding. 


Lion Craig

Lion Craig reads the slate of officers. 

Lion Tom Gaebe draws or the marble.

Lion Tom Gaebe draws for the white marble and comes up empty. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Craig, who donated it to the eye foundation.

Lotto ticket: Lion Dee


Lion Colin won the free add. 

Gary Herbst from Kaweah Health





Gary Herbst, the CEO of Kaweah Health, was in our program today. He had a lot to talk about, from the money crunch that Kaweah, along with almost every hospital in the state, to the large number of nurses who have already left the profession because of burnout to the many more expected to leave in the next two years to the high cost of traveling nurses (at one point, $200 an hour) It was an informative program.