Our meeting for Friday May 5th

Lion President Tony leads our Friday meeting. 

Todays Meeting

Lion President Tony led our meeting today and called on Lion John Parker to lead us in saluting our nation’s flag, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Brad to do the invocation.

Lion Leigh won the no-fine badge.

Our secret greater today was Lion Aaron. Only Lion Bob Line did not shake his hand, “money well spent” Bob said as he put his dollar in the bucket. 


Lion President Tony announced our board meeting this Wednesday, May 10th, at Quail Park Shannon Rance starting at 5:30.

Lion Roy announced that tickets for the September 16th I Live The 80s to Death Murder Mystery Dinner are available on our website.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pat was $5 happy because his Barbershop group had a successful event on Saturday the 29th.

Lion Tom Gaebe was $20 happy because he had survived his 50th year of Tax preparation, and his brother had recently undergone a successful quadruple bypass operation.

Lion Roy had a happy buck because his Visit to the DMV was very efficient. 

Lion Leigh was $5 happy because the Special Olympics Track and Field event held on Friday the 28th went off very well, and Lion Allen stopped by to help out, though he was heard to complain that Leigh worked him too hard.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his grandson had won a prize at a recent science fair.

Lion Elaine was happy that she was headed to Israel on Monday.


Lion Elaine fined Lion Allen for using “colorful” language when in line to get food. 

Lion Pat fined himself for also using “colorful” language in a song at his recent barbershop concert; one other member was offended by it. 


Lion President Tony

Lion President Tony leads the meeting. 

Lion John drawing for the coveted white marble.

Lion John drawing for the coveted white marble.


The $5 drawing went to Lion Brad, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Also Lion Brad. (this guy wins everything) 

The marble drawing went to Lion John Parker, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.


Lion Bob Line says
Keep going Dodgers 






Our program today was, because we had no other program,  your Roar Editor and unofficial program chairman Lion Roy talking about his 40 years of wedding photography that was ending the following day with his last wedding.