Lion Bob Line

Lion Bob had a couple of happy bucks today. 

Lion Pat Harrison

Lion Pat also had a couple of happy bucks. 

Lion president Aaron, heading down the home stretch of his presidency, lead the meeting today and called on Lion Roy to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Pat for our song, and Lion Aaron did the invocation himself.

No fine badge: Went to Lion Bob Bricker

New Lion Miriam was the secret greater and was able to avoid several people and earn the club some much-needed cash.


June 23, 5:00 PM Vintage Press: Installation dinner to install our new slate of officers. 5-6 Happy hour, dinner starts at 6. The cost has gone up a little to $30 for Lions Members and $40 for guests.

Lion Vicki has recently had a small stroke but Lion Steve reports that she is doing very well. We wish her well and hope to see her at our meetings soon. In Fact. Lion Tony was keeping Vicki’s seat warm for her at today’s meeting.


Officers and Directors 2022-2023
President: Tony Loliva
1st VP: Brent Robinson
2nd VP: Lauri Aguilar
IPP: Aaron Odell
Secretary: Steve Gerrard
Treasurer: Karen McVaigh
(2yr): Craig Wheaton Dee Baughman
(1yr) Roy Dressel-Betty Odell
Past Pres. Dir. : Brad Board Pete Sherwood
Head Tail Twister: Vicki Whitehouse
Head Lion Tamer
Head Greeter
Membership Chair To be named by Incoming Pres.


Happy Bucks 

Lion Pat was $5 happy that he had relatives coming into town from all over the world.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his daughter Jody was voted women of the year on Thursday evening at the chamber awards, and a happy buck because his grandson will be the new head baseball coach at El Demonte.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy to be back at club.

Lion Rich Manley was happy to be here.

Lion Dee was happy to see Lion Rich here today, he said Rich knows everything.

Lion Aaron was happy that Rafael Nadal won the French Open tennis tournament, winning his 22 grand slam and becoming the oldest champ in tournament history.

Lion Roy was happy we have a slate of officers for next year.

Lion Karen was happy to see Tom Gaebe back with us and also happy for the slate of officers.


Lion Tony fined himself for having to leave early.

Lion Karen fined Lion Roy for leaving the building at the last meeting with the no fine badge still around his neck. (hay, I was hoping it would work out in the real world)

Winners and Losers

$5 went to Lion Pat who donated it to the eye foundation.

Lotto tickets went to Lion Roy, and I won $12 so I will owe a little next week.

Lion Miriam (also known as MJ)   drew for the coveted yellow marble ( we could not find the white one)  but came up with some other color that did not net her anything except another mention in this newsletter.

Today’s Program






Fellow Lion Richard Manley of the Sequoia Lions Club gave us an informative talk about NASA and what the space program has brought down to earth that we use every day. From cell phones to MRIs. Rich worked at NASA during the Apollo program.

Lion Richard Manley with president Aaron

Lion Steve won the Free Add this week.