Lion president Tony

 Lion Tony leads his first meeting as our new president. 

Lion Bob Line

Lion Bob Line gave us an update on Keira Bixler, Tulare County’s outstanding teen.

Lion Tony lead his first meeting as president for the 2022-23 year and called on Lion Karen to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Pat to lead us in singing America The Beautiful, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.


The next board meeting will take place at Quail Park Shannon Ranch on Wednesday, July 13th at 5:30. A note to you new members, you are welcome to come to any of our board meetings (and then get to turn your badge right side up) if you do decide to attend please contact Lion Lauri ( and give her your meal order. (see menu)

Lion Bob Line gave us an update on our recent guest and program, Ms. Tulare County Outstanding Teen Keira Bixler, who gave him an update on the California State computation where she was second runner-up. She and her mom Heather wanted to thank our club for our sponsorship of the Ms. Tulare County Pagent.

Guest Colin Franey drew for the no fine badge and it went to Lion Pete.

Lion Dee had back surgery on the 23ed and it went well. He is recovering and home and hopes to be back in a week or two.

Auction Items

Lion Tom Link recently returned from a cruise to Alaska and auctioned off a T-Shirt for $15 to Lion Pat. He could not come back from a trip that involved the ocean without some salt water taffy, this time from the Ketchikan Mining company that went to Lion Karen for $10.

Lion Brent had been to Tahoe but had not brought back anything so he gave $10 to the club.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Karen had $2 because she had won $6 in last week’s Lotto drawing. She is upping the ante on this deal as normally it’s been 10% to the club, but now she has set it at 33%.

Lion Betty was happy that Lion Aaron was doing well after some surgery last week. He was at home watching pickleball.

Lion Pat was happy that his handyman had installed an under-counter ice maker to replace one that didn’t work.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy the Dodgers were in 1st place.

Brent was happy that when he was in Tahoe he won $500 at one of the Casinos.

Lion Tom Link was happy he had a good vacation in Alaska, it was cold, and rainy at times and there was lots of ice.  The locals were very happy to see tourists after nearly two years without many visitors.

Lion Bob Line was happy that Lions Pete’s Grandson was an all-star in Cal Ripken baseball.

Lion Pet was happy that former Lion Chris Baldwin has fixed his AC that went out the day before they left for France. He was also happy that the part that went out was under warranty.


Lion Tom Link was fined for being late.

Winners and Losers

$5 went to Lion Bob Line who donated it to the eye foundation.

The Lotto tickets went to Lion Tom Link.

Marble drawing went to Lion Bob Line, who drew a marble that was not white.


Today’s Program




Our program today was Young Life of Tulare County with Amanda Vanderstoel presenting. They have many programs to help youth in the county, including camps and faith-based learning.





Our guest, Colin Franey won the free ad this week.