Lion Colin Franey

Our newest Lion, Colin Franey 

Lion Allen

Lion Allen 

Lion President Tony led the meeting again today. Lion Pete led us in saluting our flag; Lion Dee led us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Bob Line did our invocation.

No fine badge: Went to Lion president Tony.

Lion Miriam was the secret greater and was so popular that everyone shook her hand.


Megan Roberts, granddaughter of our program Lion Richard, was our guest, and at the start of the meeting, Colin Franey was a guest; by the end of the meeting, the board had voted to make him our newest member. Welcome, Colin.


Lion Karen announced that Lion Melinda is collecting pull tabs from aluminum cans for our Huston school.

Lion Miriam had been to Miami with her husband for an entrepreneurs conference and did some sightseeing; she brought back a package of Coconut Candies and a package of Cookies from Little Havana; the coconut went to Lion Karen for $8.00 and the cookies to Lion Tom Link for $12.00.

Note: Annual dues are due now.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee was happy because he had an Echocardiogram and an EKG last week, and the doctor confirmed that he had a heart.

Lion Karen was happy that she should have a new granddaughter come Saturday night.

Our guest and fellow Lion Richard Manley was happy his granddaughter was with us today. Richard was also our program today.

Lion Tom Link was happy that he got a birdie during his golf game today.

Lion Karen was happy that Colin Franey was with us today and had submitted his membership application.

Lion Pat was also happy that Colin was with us and that Franeys was still in business.

Lion Craig was happy they found nothing to worry about after Dr. Machado, our guest last week, had taken a biopsy on his back.


Lion Allen fined himself because he had said “happy birthday shortie” to former president Ruth on Facebook. He also fined both Bob and Tom for having flowered shirts on today.

Lion Betty fined Lion Roy for making Vickie the butt of a “short” joke earlier in the meeting. Tony had said we would have a short board meeting after our regular meeting was over, and I noted that Vickie was not here.

Winners and Losers

$5 went to Lion Steve, who thought he had won the free add, but he recovered and gave the five to the Lions Eye Foundation.

Lotto tickets went to Roar editor Roy who found that he had won nothing to his great surprise: not.

Lion Karen won the marble drawing but came up short (there’s that word again) on picking the white marble. 

Today’s Program

Fellow Lion Richard Manley from the Sequoia club was our program today. He gave us a lot of information about NASA and all the projects they have going on. This is the second time he has given us a program about NASA, and as with the first time back in June, it was interesting and informative.

Lion Rich Manley

Lion Colin Franey won the free ad today. (same guy every week, but this week we can add the Lion in front of his name)