Lion Miriam birthday girl

Lion Miriam, birthday girl for the month of November. 

Lion tony leads our meeting.

Lion President Toy leads our meeting
and gets the no-fine badge.

Our meeting today was led by Lion President Tony, who called on Lion Miriam to do the flag salute, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Pete to do the invocation.


We will be dark (no meetings) on the following days:

Wednesday the 23: No Evening meeting as it is the day before Thanksgiving.
Friday, November 25: We would not normally meet, but I just thought I would make a note.
Friday, December 23
Wednesday, December 28:
No evening meeting this month either.
Friday, December 30th: Again, we would not normally meet, but just a note.

Candy Cane Lane Parade: Monday, November 28th 

 Lion Steve announced that, once again, the Host Lions would be the organizers of the 76th annual Candy Cane Lane Parade. Arrive between five and five thirty at the corner of Main St and Liberty, where Lion Steve will be with the info. A note; bring a headlight and a clipboard; they sure help. 

We had one November birthday member present today, Miriam, and we sang happy birthday to her.


We had just one guest today, and he was our program, Curtis Brown from the Visalia Police Dept.

Lion President Tony won the no-fine badge today.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Miriam had $10 happy bucks because she had gone camping at the coast (her first time camping) and had brought nothing back to auction off. She had a good time,  it was cold at night, but she was kept warm by the seven dogs with her.

Lion pat was happy that his daughter had to buy legos for her kids because she had made a bet. He told her, in the future, to make sure she could cover her bets.

Lion Dee was happy for all the veterans on this Veterans Day and also happy his granddaughter had a major part in a school play.

Lion Pet was also happy for all the Veterans and his grandson, who scored four touchdowns in a recent football game.

Lion Bob Line piggybacked on Pete’s happy buck because his Greatgrandson scored those four touchdowns.

Lion Tony was $20 happy because his son is getting married on the 19th. He also noted that he would not be at the club next Friday because he would be at the rehearsal. (not sure if that part about him not being at club was a happy buck or just an announcement)

Lion Tony also had a happy buck for Lion Lauri standing in for him at last Wednesday’s board meeting.


Lion Karen fined Lion Steve because he called her Kathy at Wednesday night’s board meeting.

Lion Bob Line fined Lion President Tony because Ton’s son joined the Son’s of Italy Lodge in Hanford; when Tony replied that his son lived in Hanford, Lion Bob just mumbled and sat down but insisted the fine still stand.


Lion Karen drew a non white marble.

Lion Karen won the marble drawing today and did not pick the white marble, but she was still smiling.

Sergeant Curtis Brown

Sergeant Curtis Brown of the Visalia PD was our program today, talking about the homeless situation. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Roy again, and he donated it to the eye foundation.

Lion Allen, who had organized a group purchase of Quick Picks for the Mega Millions jackpot last week (we did not win), won the Lotto tickets today.

Secret Greeter

Lion Dee was our secret greeter today, and the only person to not to shake his hand was Lion Bob Line, who just happened to be sitting right next to him.


Lion Pat Says Go Army