Lion Betty with her auction item.

Lion Betty auctioning off  Almond Brittle. 

Lion Tom auction cookies

Lion Tom Link auctioning off a bag of cookies. 

President Tony led our meeting today and had Lion Leigh do the flag salute, Lion Pat leed us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, and Lion Bob Line do the invocation.

The No Fine Badge went to Lion Leigh Mosconi today, and Lion Aaron did the Lion Tammer’s job. 

Lion Elaine was our secret greater today, and everyone shook her hand.


Allen announced that we had done 52 eye screenings at the Trunk or Treat event at Quail Park Shannon Ranch on October 29th and thanked Lions Roy and Rick for helping him.

Note: Board meeting this coming Wednesday, the 9th, at Quail Park Shannon Ranch, be on the lookout for a menu from Lion Lauri.

Lion Allen was taking up a collection to buy Lottery quick picks for Saturday’s billion-dollar lottery. (no one won, so we all came up empty)


Our one guest today was also our program, Noe Garibay.

Auction Items

Today was a day for auction items; we started it off with Lion Betty, who had been to the coast for Lion Aaron’s birthday and brought back some Almond Brittle that went to Lion pat for $8; Lion Tom Link had also been to the coast and had a bag of cookies from the Brown Butter Cookie Company that were purchased for $7 by Lion Roy (and they were good) Lion Pete had a Golf Marker from St. Andrews golf course in Scotland, where golf got its start over 600 years ago, the marker went for Lion pat for $20.

Happy Bucks

Lion Aaron was happy that he and Betty had been to Avila Beach last week for his birthday.

Lion Leigh was $5 happy to be back at a club meeting after many weeks away; in that time, he got a new granddaughter and celebrated his 36th anniversary.

Lion Roy had a happy buck for the California September 11th memorial in Clovis, close to his home. The beautiful memorial even has a sapling from the tree that survived the attacks 21 years ago in New York.

Lion Pat was happy to let us know that if we wanted to give to the Tulare County Special Olympics, we should send our check to Leigh because if we give to the state of national Special Olympics, non of that money goes to Tulare County. (Leigh is the head of the Tulare County Special Olympics)

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy for all those who had helped at the recent band review.

Lion Elaine was happy about the rain we had received and the coming rain.

Lion Karen was thankful for all the help selling pumpkins at the Trunk of treat.

Lion President Tony was also happy for the Trunk or Treat, where we sold $400 worth of pumpkins and had a great time.

Lion Tom Link was happy Halloween was over, as he had over 1,500 kids that evening. (did he have one of those counters that they have when you go in the door at Costco?)

Lion Pat was happy they had an old fashion hay ride in Elderwood with about 20 kids, from babies to teens.


Lion Pete fined Lion Tom Link because Tom’s phone rang during the meeting.

Lion Allen fined Lion Aaron for going to the coast for his birthday instead of going to the New Members’ night in Caruthers.

Lion Tom Link fined Lion Tom Link because he had to leave early.  OK, OK, he fined himself, but I was just seeing if you were reading this. 


Noe Garibay was our program today

Noe Garibay was our program today

Lion Bob draws for the white marble.

Lion Bob Bricker draws for the white marble and gets a black one. No win. 

Lion Pete fines Lion Tom Link for the phone call.

Lion Pete fines Lion Tom Link for the phone call.

Winners and Losers

The $5 drawing went to Lion Roy, who donated it to the eye foundation. 

Lotto tickets went to Lion Pat. 


Noe Garibay was our guest and program today. His talk was on cyber security. His list of experiences was impressive, from the National Guard to Lockheed Martin. His talk was about how to be safe online and how he is working on getting a Cyber Security program in the schools. He needs old computers for this project: if you have one, you can email him at:


Lion Bob Line won the Free add today.