Lion Bob Line and Lion Mark Olsen

Lion Bob Line has a happy buck to put in the bucket.

Lion Tom Link

Lion Tom Link surprised everyone with a bag of salt water taffee to auction. 

Todays Meeting

Stand-in President Lion Roy led the meeting today and had Lion Bob Line lead us in a rousing rendition of God Bless America, Lion Mark led the flag salute, and Lion Pete did the invocation.

Your roar editor, Lion Roy, won the no-fine badge.

Lion Bob Line was the secret greeter and fined Lion Dee and Lion Tom Link for not shaking his hand.


Lion Roy, along with Lions Allen and Steve, announced that Monday’s Candy Cane Lane Parade organization went well and thanked Jose Barajas of Ka-Lazh Hair Salon on church street for his help again this year. 

Lion Dee announced that his barbershop group, the Mighty Oak Chorus, will have a concert this Saturday, December 9th. You can find complete info here

Christmas program: Friday the 15th will be our Christmas program this year, with a group from Redwood High School being our entertainment. Please let Lion Roy (text me at 559-289-2382) know if you will be attending and if you will have a guest so we can tell Daniel at Left of Center. We will also pass the hat for Daniel’s yearly tip over the next couple weeks. Plus, please bring two unwrapped toys, one for a boy and one for a girl, so that we can give them to Emergency Aid that day. 

Auction Items

After being called out but not fined (not with the no fine badge)  for not calling for any auction items, fill in President Lion Roy called on Lion Tom Link, who auctioned off a bag of, wait for it, Salt Water Taffy, that went to Lion Karen for $6.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Karen started the happy bucks with five of them for returning to the club after a few weeks away.

Lion Steve was happy about the Christmas Parade’s success and the fact that it was over.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy to be here and happy to see the PD with us today.

Lion Dee was happy that his daughter and Tom’s daughter were having birthdays soon, as they were both born one day apart at the old Kaweah Hospital.

Lion Tom Link was also happy to be at the meeting today.

Lion Tony was also happy the parade went so well.

Lion Aaron was happy his wife, Lion Betty, was recovering well from her recent pacemaker implant.

Lion Allen was happy about his recent trip to Carson City with his son and Daughter, but not so delighted that he left Carson City Casinos some of his money.

Lion Pete was $20 happy for a bunch of stuff.

Lion Mark was happy his daughter was doing well in her first winter in Boisi, Idaho.


Lion Tom Link was fined because he was late. Actually, I think he fined himself, and he was fined for his phone going off.

Lion Dee funded Lion Tom Gaebe for USC losing to UCLA in football.

Lion Pete fined Lion Tom Link because the other day, Lion Tom came up to him in their neighborhood and got on his case for not having his Christmas light up, but Pete noted that Tom didn’t know what he was talking about because they were already up.

Lion Allen and Lion Mark

Lion Allen is happy he had been to Carson City with his kids, and Lion Mark takes his buck. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Karen, who donated it to the Leo Club.

Lotto ticket: Lion Karen. ( Stay away for a couple of weeks, and you win everything)

The marble drawing went to Lion Mark who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

chief Salazar

Visalia Police chief Jason Salazar was our guest speaker today. 

Liz and David

Elizabeth Jones, Visalia PD’s new Public Information Officer, and officer Daniel Ford were also our guests today.


Lion Tom Link says
go Bulldogs