stand in Lion Aaron with our speakers.

Past President Lion Aaron leading our meeting today in President Tony’s absence, is joined by our speakers Cynthia Santillan and John Lee from the TC DAs’s office.

Todays Meeting

Past President Lion Aaron stood in for President Tony at our monthly evening meeting and called on Lion Lauri to lead the flag salute, Lion Pat to lead us in song, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

The secret greater tonight was Lion Dennis: everyone shook his hand.


Lion Aaron noted the recent survey about continuing our once-a-month evening meetings. You can reply to this email with your answers if you have not completed the form.

Auction Items

Lion Dennis had been to Universal Studios and Knots Berry farm and had a box of chocolates that went to Lion Melinda for $12 and a box of Bosenberry Toffee that went to Lion Karen for $13.

We did not have a no-fine badge drawing today because we did not have a no-fine badge. It was back at Left of Center.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Melinda had a few happy bucks. She wished Tina Turner a happy journey in her afterlife. She was also happy that she has just seven more months to retirement. She was happy because her son recently announced that Melinda will be be having another grandson later this year. She also wanted us to keep Lion Janet in our thoughts and prayers. She is having some dementia issues.

Lion Craig was happy he had a good backpacking trip, and he was able to cross some rushing creeks. Plus, his Prius, which has 150,000 miles on the clock , needed some major repairs that at first was going to cost him $3,200 but a day or two later, the dealership called him and told him that the issue was part of a recall and that the repair would cost him zero dollars.

Lion Pat was happy that his Chevy Suburban has 500,000 miles on it.

Lion Roy was happy that his phone had been found. Just before coming to the meeting tonight, my phone fell off his motorcycle and into the road in Tulare. A Pizza delivery guy was following me and picked it up but was unable to catch up with me so he took it back to the store. After some phone calls with help from Jose at Leo Costa’s gym, Roy was able to retrieve the phone at Dommon’s Pizza in Tulare.

Lion Karen was also happy that she retrieved her phone in Florida. They had left it on a bus, and the bus driver had it.

Lion Aaron was happy his recent travels to Isreal had gone without a hitch and that he did not loos his phone. 

Lion Karen was happy our speakers, Cynthia and John from TC DAs office, were here tonight. Karen is retired from the DAs office.





Lion Dennis auctions off a box of chocolates.

Lion Dennis auctions off a box of chocolates. 

Our program today was Cynthia Santillan and John Lee from the TC DAs’s office. They talekd about scams both in person and online. What we could do to avoid them (don’t click on links in emails or open unknow text messages) and more the likely it’s not your grandson calling from Mexico needing you to send him money.

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