Our meeting for 8-11

Visalia Fire chief Dan Griswold talkes to our club.

Todays Meeting

Lion President Allen, who presided over his last meeting as part of our bullpen presidents group, called on Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, Lion Brad for the flag salute, and Lion Betty to do the invocation.

Lion Iris, visiting from the Sequoia Lions Club, won the no-fine badge. 

Lion Pat was the secret greater today, and he was so popular that only Lion Bob Line did not shake his hand.


Lion Allen Benoy from the Sequoia Lion Club announced a fundraiser they were having at the Texax Roadhouse on August 23 from 3-9. When you mentioned them at the door, 10% of the proceeds got to the Sequoia Lions.

Lion Karen noted that we still need two $25 gift cards from each club member for the Murder Mystery Dinner on September 16th. Speaking of the MMD, another sponsor came on board; Altura Health will be a $500 sponsor.

At our board meeting this past Wednesday at Valhalas, we voted to give Lion Dees barbershop group $200 toward the Yough Harmony Explosion on September 9th.

Auction Items

Lion Roy had a small box of Jelly Beans that he brought back from his visit to the Ronald Regan Library a couple of weeks ago, and Lion Elaine purchased them for $6.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Karen was happy she could get her flight to Hawaii rerouted to another location and away from the fires.

Lion Pat had relatives in Hawaii who lost their home but were safe.

Lion Tom Gaebe was happy our fire chief Dan Griswold was with us today.

Lion John was happy we had a visitation from the Sequoia Lions today.  We have a visitation scheduled with them for next Tuesday at Amegos Restaurant, 5113 W Walnut Ave.

Lion Pete was $20 happy that Sequoia Lions were with us today; he was happy that his grandson made it to the finals of the Cal Ripken playoffs in Idaho though they did not go on to the World Series. He was also happy he spent some time in San Diego with family and that he would be going on his annual backpacking trip out of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite in a couple of weeks.

Lion Bob Line was happy he got to play a round of golf this morning with Lion Tom Link.

Lion Tom got a birdie on the golf course in his game with Lion Bob, and the bird lived to tell about it.

Lion Mark was happy to see Sequoia Lions today and happy that his daughter got a job as a physical therapist.

Lion Allen Benoy from the Sequoia Lions was happy to be with us today.

Lion Iris from Sequoia was also happy to be here.

Lion Steve was happy he had a good lunch with his son at the Vintage Press.

Lion Tony was happy to see Chief Griswold and the Sequoia Lions.

Lion Roy was happy he could ride the motorcycle today and would go home through Badger after the meeting. He also had a sad buck because his dog Waffles had to be put to sleep a couple of weeks ago.

Lion Pat had a happy $10 for teaching Lion Roy a new word, Piker. Lion Tom accused Roy of being a Piker last week. Was this the North American version of the word or the Australian version?


Lion Mark fined Lion Bob Line for talking on his phone while driving. 

Lion Roy fined himself for not being at the club for a couple of weeks, and he fined Tom for making him think the former mayor of Washington DC, Marion Berry, was at the club last week. 


Lion Allen

Lion Allen, checking out who will get to draw for the marble.

Lion Steve draws for the marble.

Lion Steve drew for the white marble but didn’t get it. 


The $5 drawing went to Lion Larry from the Sequoia Lions who donated it to the Leo club.

Lotto ticket: Lion Tom Link



Lion John says go Dodgers