Our meeting for Sept. 1, 2023

Keith Stump, Executive director for Able Inc, talks to our club today. 

In Memory: Lion Bob Bricker  1928-2023

We began our meeting today with a moment of silence in memory of Lion Bob Bricker, who passed on Monday, the 28th. Bob was ninety-five years old, and for 64 of those years, he was a proud Lion. His memorial is scheduled for November 18th; more details will be forthcoming.

Our Meeting

Lion President Brad, the third in a series of bullpen presidents, led the meeting today and called on Lion Dee to lead us in singing My Country Tis of Thee, Lion Allen for the flag salute, and Lion Bob Line to do the invocation.

Being the first meeting of September, we sang happy birthday to those with birthdays this month. Lions Tom Gaebe, Lion Bob Line, and Lion Tony were all in attendance.

Speaking of Lion Tony, the birthday boy won the no-fine badge today and was today’s secret greater. And apparently, he was not too popular as several people had to pay up for not shaking his hand.


Lion Dee announced that the LaSierra Leo Club held their first meeting. It was an organizational meeting.

This Tuesday, Sept. 5th, there will be a visitation with the Sunset Lions at Marie Callenders; the meeting starts at  6:00. Contact Allen (559-936-4563)  if you wish to attend; he needs a couple more people to make it official.

Murder Mystery dinner is just two weeks away. We need gift baskets and cards, and we need people to attend; tell your friends, neighbors, and the people you work with.


Auction Items 

Lion Allen had spent a week in Vegas and brought back a pink Vegas ball cap that Karen bought for $5. 

Happy Bucks 

Lion Dee had a sad buck for the passing of Lion Bob Bricker; he was a good friend and will be missed.

Lion Bob Line was happy that his third daughter and her husband were doing another Honda commercial for their car, which has over 800,000 miles on the clock.

Lion Tom Link also had a sad buck for Lion Bob Bricker’s passing; he had fond memories of snow skiing and golfing with Lion Bob. He did have a happy buck for the USC Trojans.

Lion Pete was sad that Lion Bob Bricker had passed. He was happy that his backpacking trip had gone well, and he could check off one more thing on his bucket list with his climbing of Half Dome.

Lion Aaron was happy he could attend the meeting and that Lion Bettie was feeling better.

Lion Pat was happy his third grandchild was baptized in Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove. He said that place was so big you just about needed a map. He was also sorry to hear about Lion Bob Bricker’s passing.

Lion Roy was happy that his vacation to the Columbia River with his wife Javonna had been fun, but he did not bring back anything to auction off, so he gave $20; he was also sad to hear of Lion Bob Bricker’s passing.

Lion President Brad put in a sad buck for Lion Bob Bricker’s passing.


Lion Dee fined Lion Karen for ignoring him at a recent Rawhide game. He also fined Lion Tom Link for being rude recently at Costco by honking at him in the parking lot.

Lion Pat fined Lion Aaron for not referring to his wife as “Lion” sweetie.

Lion Elaine was fined for being late.


picking the marble drawing winner

Guest speaker James Alves picked the marble ticket –

Brad leading the meeting

Lion Brad serves as bullpen president #3

Lion tom Link and Lion ealine

Lion Tom Link draws a non white marble


The $5 drawing went to Lion Steve, who donated it to the Leo Club. 

Lotto ticket: Lion Elaine

The marble drawing went to Lion Tom Link, who picked a nonwhite marble, winning nothing but that nonwhite marble.

James Alves

James Alves from Able Inc. 

Our program today was Keith Stump and James Alves from Able Inc., (Formerly Able Industries) They gave a good talk about what they do to help disabled people find jobs in the community.

Keith Stump from Able Inc.

Keith Stump from Able Inc. 

red sox

Lion Allen says go Red Sox

Check out on online schudling page for our club’s programs. See what dates are available and share the page with anyone you know who would make a good speaker.