Lion Elaine

Lion Elaine was the Tail Twister at today’s meeting.

Colin Franey

Guest Colin Franey drew for the white marble but came up short. 

Lion President Tony led the meeting today and called on Lion Roy to lead us in saluting the flag, Lion Bob Line to lead us in singing God Bless America, and Lion Dee to do the invocation.

No fine badge: Went to Lion Tom Link: with that, there was talk of the club going bankrupt because of the lack of funds.

Lion Bob Bricker was the secret greater and was so popular that everyone shook his hand.

Auction Items

Lion Miriam had been to Miami with her husband for an entrepreneurs conference and did some sightseeing; she brought back a package of Coconut Candies and a package of Cookies from Little Havana; the coconut went to Lion Karen for $8.00 and the cookies to Lion Tom Link for $12.00.

Happy Bucks 

Lion Pete had $20. First, he had to leave early, and the happy bucks were for a great backpacking trip to Evolution Valley in Kings Canyon national park. He said he would give us a presentation later in the year. He had also spent some time camping at Huntington and Shaver Lake last week.

Lion Dee was happy that today would be the last day of +100 degree days for the foreseeable future.

Lion Miriam was happy to be back from Miami.

Lion Karen was also happy that the heat spell, which has lasted for nearly two months, was going to be over. In checking temperature records, there have only been three days under 100 during August and the first week of September.

Lion Pat was happy his generator was working just fine, so if his electricity went out, he would not have a problem.

Lion Betty was happy to have Dr. Carol Machado as our program today.

Lion Tom Link was happy Edison did not turn his power off. The program he is on with Edison allows them to do that in emergency situations.

Lion Elaine was happy she went to a Right to Life event the evening before.


Lion Betty fined Lion Pat for being rude to Lion Bob Line during the song; she said he bumped into Bob as he was making his way to the front and had no apology; in a rebuttal, Lion Pat said he was working, bringing the money to Karen.

Lion Dee fined Lion Bob Bricker because his grandson called him during the meeting.

Lion Tom Gaebe also funded Lion Bricker because he had Bob’s tax information from 2019.

Winners and Losers

The $5 Drawing went to Lion Roy, who donated it to the Lions Eye Foundation.

The Lotto tickets went to Lion Pat.

The Marble went to guest Colin Franey, who drew a nonwhite marble and thus won no money. 


Today’s Program

Dr. Carol Machado from Visalia Medical clinic was with us today to discuss breast cancer. She has been a general surgeon in Visalia for about four years, and she gave us a lot of information about new techniques in breast cancer surgery, which is her specialty.

Dr. Carol Machado

Guest Colin Franey won the free add today.